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Social Media

Social Media is an essential element for a company to achieve optimal accessibility.

IQ Script Social Media

Get in touch with your audience.

Reach your target audience social media

Reach Your Target Audience

Understanding the crucial significance of achieving high rankings on social media for business owners, we employ the expertise of genuine professionals to ensure success in this endeavor.

Stay creative on social media

Stay creative

Collaborating with IQ Script guarantees your page is thoughtfully enriched with creative content, effectively capturing the attention of your target audience.

grow your followers on social media

Grow your followers

With IQ Script, you can be confident that your follower count will expand. This, in turn, broadens your reach to a larger audience, allowing us to engage a more extensive segment of your target group.

Pricing & plans


Starter pack

Initiate your journey with the starter pack as we begin setting up your account. Consider crafting a content plan or establishing Instagram Highlights.

Once all is in place, we can commence with your posts!

Plan overview

Our distinctive social media services are essential for entrepreneurs. With our team of professionals, we guarantee that your business stands out. Each social media package includes the following services:

Content creation – Maintaining Highlights – Content calendar – Quarterly report – WhatsApp group support

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